transitioning hairstyles

Transitioning hairstyles

Transitioning hairstyles are a struggle for all transitioners. I’m sorry I cannot lie. I remember trying all sorts of hairstyles during my transition and being angry and disappointed at the results. But, once you find that one style it will actually become your saving grace.

I don’t want you to stress if you haven’t found your transitioning hairstyle. It will depend on how long you’ve been transitioning for, and what length your hair is. I transitioned for a year and I would break my transition down to three stages. Each stage had a different hairstyle which I felt comfortable to wear.

Early stage

At the beginning of my transition I did not have that much new growth, my hair was very long and straight (obviously) and so there were not many fancy new transitioning hairstyles for me to try out. During this stage I just rocked a bun. This was for the first few months and I became very good at ‘laying’ my edges. Now I no longer bother laying my edges just because I feel like my hair is natural so its going to curl up around the edges and I shouldn’t be ashamed of that. However, I know that a lot of people like that look for their different hairstyles. On top of this when your transitioning and the majority of your hair is straight, its good because it blends the two textures. I think that for transitioning hairstyles it is very useful, especially in the early stages.

transitioning hairstyles

This picture is of me wearing a bun in my very early stages. I had a little regrowth which meant I couldn’t wear my hear down, but not enough to considerable notice the difference in texture. I’ve added extra braiding hair in this bun to create this look.

transitioning hairstyles This style is slightly further in from my transitions. I put cornrows in the back section and pulled the front into a bun. I’m using an old pair of tights which had been rolled into a DIY bun. You can buy them in most hair shops

transitioning hairstyles

This style has braiding hair at the back. and I created a pompadour at the front. This was just before my awkward stage and I really had to lay those edges. To lay these edges I put eco styler gel on my edges, brush them with a thick brush and cover with a silk scarf for 15/20 mins.

Awkward stage

This could also be known as the middle stage. For me as my regrowth grew, it was much harder to blend with the relaxed, straight ends. I had to be a bit more adventurous which was a big challenge for me. I’ve never been very good at different hairstyles, when I was relaxed I would rock a side part for months on end. So to now have to try new transitioning hairstyles made me very apprehensive. I switched up my bun hairstyle by putting a cornrow at the front. I also tried a foam roller set, which did not end up looking like anything I had anticipated. It was during this awkward stage that I had learnt how to do two cornrows. This style carried me through this stage, the last stage of my transition and my first year of being natural.

Transitioning hairstyles

This is the result of the foam roller set. I washed my hair. I moisturised it with a leave in conditioner and moisturising cream at the time. Now I would recommend using the L. O.C method. When it was dry I took the rollers out and fluffed the roots with an afro comb until it was big and voluminous.

transitioning hairstyles

This is just a classic bun, using a donut at the back and a cornrow at the front.

Final stage

This could also be known as the ready to move on stage. Some people may have felt different experiences throughout their journey. But for me, I reached this stage when my hair was long enough that I felt l would be comfortable doing the big chop. It was during this stage that I mastered the braid and curl out. Now this is a great hairstyle when you are further on in your transition or if you are a long-term transitioner. To create this style I would recommend using a curling cream cornrowing your hair to whatever shape you want. So I like to have a deep side part so I cornrow the front section forward. Once that is done using very small curling rollers, roll up the bottom. Leave it over night and undo in the morning, careful not to cause too much frizz.
During this stage be careful not to rush into doing your big chop until your sure you’re ready. This stage is the time to make sure your confident in looking after your hair, washing, moisturising and styling.

transitioning hairstyles

Everyone’s transition is different, but these are some styles I wore during mine. I hope that these can help you or give you some inspiration. Remember many of these transitioning hairstyles for me were trial and error. I didn’t always get it right. But practice makes perfect.

Remember Love your hair, Love yourself.x

3 thoughts on “Transitioning hairstyles

  1. Thank you for sharing. This helps. I have started and stopped three times now, but this blog hits on why?

    1. I think trying to feel comfortable with your hair while transitioning is really difficult. For me I had to step out of my comfort zone in terms of styles I previously would never have dreamed of doing. Whenever I got frustrated with my transitioning hair I would put in a protective style to give myself and my hair a Break.

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