Three strand twist out

Three strand Twist out

Three strand twist out

Another natural hairstyle that I’ve been wearing is the three strand twist out. Now, you may be wondering (Nicole how is this different to the two-strand twist out). Simple: instead of twisting with two strands, you twist with three. The curl which it produces is much tighter and therefore it creates a different look. One of the reasons i decided to go natural was for the versatility it provides. People are always asking me why i keep changing my hair everyday. For me it is fun! When my hair was relaxed i literally had the same hairstyle weeks and months on end. Side part. That was it! Once my regrowth meant i couldn’t wear my hair down anymore it became: side part in a ponytail. There was no variation. This is why I’m loving being natural, i can really shake it up and try these different styles. Here is my easy to follow steps to create the perfect three-strand twist out.


As with any style you have to make sure that you start of with your hair well moisturised. I’m speaking honestly here, if you don’t your style will not look good. Simple! I recommend you follow the LOC method to moisturising which i described in one of my previous posts.

2. Curling cream

This is optional but i recommend using this if you want to maximise the chances of your coming out a success. Right now, i am using the Creme of Nature with argan oil twirling custard. But i would also recommend the Curls blueberry bliss twist and shout cream and Cantu coconut curling cream. If your would like me to review these and give you my honest opinion about their pros and cons leave a comment.

3. Twist

Now to the main event. To create your twist for your three strand twist out, what i like to do is split my hair into four sections and then start with the sections at the back. Take a small section from the back section. If it’s too small you’ll be there all day and night. If it’s too big it will not create the desired effect. Start to plait the hair as normal. Once you’ve done that 3 or for times you can start the twist. Now i assume, when our plaiting your hair you bring the outside sections in each side at a time. This is a bit tricky to explain so try and picture what i’m saying in your head. Instead of pulling both outside sections inward, pull all sections across in the same direction. So i have 123 strands of hair that i’m handling. I start by plaiting the hair, with 3 crossing over 2 than on crossing over 2. Then 2 is on the outside right and 3 is on the outside left. You’ll bring 2 in across 1 and 3 over 2 etc etc. You do this 3 or 4 times and then you twist. So 123 strands of hair again. Bring 3 over 1, 2 over 3, 1 over 3 etc.  If you would like a video to make it clear, check out Notorious Kia’s video on how to three strand twist out.

Three strand twist out

4. Set

I like to do this the night before, so i can sleep in it and really let it the curls take hold. Make sure you remember to put on your satin scarf/ bonnet or pillowcase. This will ensure you don’t mess up your style before you even go out in it.

5. Take down

When taking down twists, i like to put some oil on to ensure i don’t cause any damage. You can use which ever oil you like. My favourite is  almond oil, but i do like coconut and argan oil as well. Try not to rush when taking out your twists. The more you rush, the more frizz you’ll create. Which is great for volume but not so great if you want to keep the style for a few days. Separate the twists to your hearts content and then…voila!

Three strand twist out

The three strand twist out is such a cute hairstyle and I’ve received such positive feedback about it.  Have a go! The fun thing about being natural is the versatility you have. For me, switching up my styles helps me look at my hair positively when i grow tired of caring for my hair. Don’t forget natural hair is high maintenance. Of course, we should love our hair. But i’m the first to admit that sometimes it can become stressful. During these times, i like to shake it up with my hair, just to keep me feeling positive about my hair.  If my steps are confusing, i apologise! It’s not as confusing as it sounds, check the video if you need a visual aid.

Remember Love your hair, Love yourself.x

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