Swimming with Natural Hair

Swimming with natural hair

Summer is here, holiday booked. Summer clothes…packed, sun glasses…on my head, reading book….ready to thrill. But wait! What to do with my hair? How should I look after it on holiday when I’m swimming in pools and the sea?

No one can be bothered when on holiday to make extra effort with their hair right? But at the same time you want to maintain your healthy tresses. What a conundrum! I don’t want you guys stressing on your holidays, here are some quick tips to protect your hair from chlorine and salt water during your trip.

1. Protective styling

I know, I’m always raving about protective styling but it’s actually a natural’s best friend! Utilise it! When I went on holiday to Portugal last year I got some braids installed. I wanted a style I could go swimming in without having to spend hours doing my hair after. It was literally the best thing. I went swimming in the sea every single day. Afterwades,  I would rinse my roots with conditioner to get rid of the sea salt and sand. It took no time at all from my day.

Swimming with natural hair


2. Wet your hair

I know it seems like it defeats the purpose. Um, why am I going to wet my hair? Before I go in a swimming pool or the sea and wet my hair? I thought the same thing when I first heard this little golden nugget. But there is actually a very good reason why you should do it. By wetting your hair with good old h20 before you swim, your hair is soaking it up. By the time you get in a pool/sea, your hair is going to absorb less of the chlorine/ salt water because it’s already absorbed the water your rinsed it with before hand.

Swimming with natural hair


3. Pre-poo

So protective styling is not for you? You spent all winter growing your hair waiting for the summer, so that you could show it off? Pre-pooing is a great way to protect your hair while swimming in swimming pools and the sea. So you’ve wet your hair in the shower on the beach or in the swimming baths. Now slather on some oils. My absolute favourite is almond oil. But coconut oil is good, Jojoba oil. This seals in the moisture we’ve added when we rinsed our hair. This makes it more difficult for our hair to take in the chlorine and salt water.

Swimming with natural hair


4. Conditioner

Our other best friend! When I go swimming, I cover my hair with conditioner. It’s giving another layer of protection. I would advise using a cheap conditioner if you’re on holiday. This will allow you to be really generous with your portions without worrying about the cost. This is also helpful for your post swim routine when you’re detangling. It’s giving you that nice slip that you need to get rid of those tangles. Post swim, I would advise a co-wash just to make sure you get all the sand, salt or chlorine out. Trust me!

Swimming with natural hair


5. Put hair away

If you are in a swimming pool, I would advise you wear a swim Cap. I know it’s not very cute, and you don’t want to rock your summer time picture in it. But trust me! It’s an excellent tool to protect your hair from chlorine. If you’re at the beach I would advise tying your hair up. Put it in a bun, do some chunky twists, two cornrows  (my go to style). If your hair is away then there is less surface area to absorb.

Swimming with natural hair


Look after your hair this summer, while your swimming in the ocean and having an amazing holiday. And if you’re not going abroad, there is always the local seaside? I personally love a day trip down to the seaside. Wherever you’re going, all of these steps can be used to protect your hair from the pool and the sea. Gone are the days when we can’t enjoy fun activities because “my hair will get wet”, trust me I was that girl once.

Enjoy your summer, enjoy swimming in the pool or ocean.

Remember love your hair, love yourself.x


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  1. Thank u …u really cover all the things I wanted to known…the cap on the swimming pool lol not nice for the pictures lol but I’m going to try…I hope u enjoyed ur time in Portugal because is where I’m going to …is my home country ;)and thanks once again

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