Summer hairstyles

Summer Hairstyles

Summer Hairstyles

During summer we have summer colours and summer styles for our clothes. I always go out and buy new clothes for the summer months, even if the weather doesn’t change that much (that’s british weather for you). It’s the same for summer hairstyles, we love to shake up our looks, cuts and colours. Here are some fun ideas, looks and styles for you to shake up your summer hairstyles.

Twist out with Fringe

One of the summer hairstyles I’ve been rocking lately is a twist out with a full fringe. This really makes my hair look big, and works well with my summer wardrobe. There are two ways I have achieved this look.

1st: follow my normal twist out routine, (which you in can find on my how to twist out post). After unraveling twists, pull some of the hair to the front. Then taking bobby pins clip the fringe at the root so that it is no longer covering your eyes. Fluff and go.

2nd: for this I also follow my normal twist out routine. But after I in have twisted the front section I use curling rods to curl them. This is also known as a twist and curl. When I take down the twists, the hair at the front is already at the desired length and so it is not necessary to use boy pins.  (Although you can If it is obscuring your vision.)


This is another variation to the humble twist out/ braid put. Now this isn’t really my style, but my friend swears by it. So maybe you guys will love it as much as she does. A benefit is definitely that it keeps your hair out of your eyes as well as looking very classy and elegant. To create this, all you have to do after unraveling your twists/braids is grab the middle section at the front of your hair. The size you grab depends on how big or small you want your poof. (I know that’s not the official term for it but just roll with it). Tie the rest away so it does not get in your way. Taking the end of your section, twist the end while pushing the middle of the hair forward. You should be able to tuck the ends in like it’s a little present.  Use as many bobby pins as you need to keep it in place. Take the rest of the hair out and let it roam free. Fluff as desired.


Two cornrows

So I know I mention these a lot, but that’s just because they are my staple. During the summer, this style is essential to my sanity. Recently with the weather being so nice in England, I’ve been wearing this style to keep my hair out of my eyes and off my neck. It also has a double advantage of being a short-term protective style, as your ends are tucked away and less likely to be damaged by the sun. Check my natural and professional post for a guide on how to cornrow. If you want a more detailed guide let me know.


Two high puffs

This is such a fun summer hairstyle. Every time I wear it I just feel like a kid again. It’s so quick and easy to do. Definitely a hairstyle for lazy naturals (which is me a lot of the time. Make sure your parting is nest and even, otherwise it is very noticeable!

Braids with bun

This is another one I really enjoy wearing as a summer hairstyle,it can range from looks casual to dressy. I love versatile styles, they just make my life easier. The only thing I must note is if you are wearing a puff make sure you moisturise it at the end of the day to make sure you can detangle it. There are different ways you can rock this;

1, Four braids and a puff

This kind of sounds like a bad 80s movie. What you do for this is, separate your hair into two sections. One at the front, one at the back. The one at the back should be much bigger than the one at the front. Tie the back out-of-the-way. Then do three even partings in the front section. Cornrow each plait straight back. Once that is finished, tie in the back section, making it as high or low as you want. I like mine to be quite high. Tuck in the ends of the plaits and you’re good to go.

2. Three braids and puff

The terrible sequel. This follows the same pattern but instead do two even partings instead of three.

3. The classic high puff

I’m sure I’ve spoken about this style many times. I much have, it is one of my favourites. Quick, easy and looks fabulous. My only suggestion is make sure you do not pull to tightly on the hair en band when creating this look. I know you want it to look sleek, but let me tell you now…It won’t look sleek. Natural hair doesn’t lay completely flat so I wouldn’t risk your edges trying to make it look like it does. Embrace the frizz.


This is a summer hairstyle which slowly grew on me. At first I was not confident with it at all, but slowly, slowly I grew to like it. I usually wear my hair in twists if I’m going to wear a twist out. But ill do it a couple of days before hand so that I can rock two hairstyles. To create these twists, simple take two sections (which size you want) and twist each individual section in the opposite direction before twisting them with each other. So twist individually, then twist together. Twist individually, then twist together. Until you reach the end of the section.

I hope some of these styles give you inspiration for your summer look. Play with accessories, hats and Scarves until you find something that you like. I hope you’re enjoying your summer.

Remember love your hair, love yourself.x

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