Summer hair care

Summer Hair Care

Summer is here!

Well the British version of it for me anyway! This is the time to shave your legs, pull out your sandals and grab a light-weight cardi (just in case in typical british manner, it rains!) But, just as we make changes for the weather in terms of our clothes and what we wear, we have to make changes to how we look after our hair.


It is so important that during the warmer months we keep both our hair and body hydrated by drinking lots of water. The experts say we should drink at least 8 glasses or 2L of  water (minimum) a day. Our body consists of 60% of water. We need water to function properly. If our body is dehydrated, our hair will also be dehydrated. If our hair is dehydrated, it is more likely to break. As simple as! During the summer we need to take extra care to make sure we drink enough water to stay hydrated both for our body and our hair.

Summer hair care

Deep condition

Now, this is a staple for all year round. And anyone who has read my winter hair care post will know that conditioner is your best friend. This is so important during the hot months were you’re more likely to endure damage from sun, sea, sand, swimming pools… Just general wear and tear as during the summer we often rock styles which don’t necessarily protect our ends. I know I do anyway. Make sure you don’t take short-cuts with your wash day routine, particularly your deep conditioning. You don’t want all on your hard work from the past year wasted.

Summer hair care

UV protection

This is especially important for those who are going to very hot countries this summer, or live in very hot countries (I know some of you are luckier than me when it comes to weather). Hats, hats, hats, are essential! Protect your tresses from the harsh rays! The same way you must protect your skin by using sun lotion  (don’t tell me black people don’t need it cause we do), the same way we need to protect our hair. Scarves are also a great look which can be used this summer to protect your hair. There are so many different styles to master! I’m still a novice but I’m slowly learning.

Summer hair care

Protective styling

So for my winter hair care post I spoke a lot about protective styles using additional hair, but for this post I want to talk about protective styles using your own hair. I think these are better for the summer as they are so easy to switch up and change. My favourite is two cornrows, I can go out, swim, cycles, climb, be as outdoorsy and adventurous as I want and my hair is protected. But there so on many different styles you can do with your own hair which protects your hair and allows you to enjoy the summer. Four cornrows straight back are really popular at the moment with many people rocking that look. I also like to put my hair in twists, go out and the next day take them out and do a twist out. Make the most of your versatility this summer.

Summer hair care


Summer hair care

Enjoy your summer

To be honest, there is so much more I could suggest to you but you know it anyway. I am going to do a separate post on protecting your hair while swimming. But this summer keep your wash day routine, condition, moisturise (that’s important to remember), protect your hair from the sun and switch it up. Enjoy wearing different styles this summer, braid outs, twist outs, Bantu knot outs, if you want me to do ‘how to’ posts on these let me know? Just enjoy your summer!

Summer hair care

Remember love your hair love yourself.x

P.s. So sorry I’ve been away for a while, I’ve had to deal with some things. But I’m back with a vengeance.  Comment below and let me know what you want me to talk about?


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  1. I live in U.K. Too and I really like your blog…I’m a curly girl and I now started to take care of my curls and so far I’m really I am pleased with the changes I did in my hair products ..soon I will be going to on holidays to a very hot country and I would like to known what I have to do to protect my hair from sun,swimming pools and beachs what kind of products should I use …thank u in advance

    1. Hi Vera, check out my latest post where I cover how to protect your hair when swimming in pools and the sea. Glad you’re enjoying the blog. Let me know if there is anything else you want me to cover.

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