My Hair Anniversary

My hair anniversary, that’s right I said it! Celebrating both my decision to go natural and the day I finally became natural. My only issue; I don’t actually know the exact date these things happened. So in my usual style I decided I’d celebrate the entire month of May.

In case you havent seen my big chop post I started to transition may 2014 and I big chopped may 2015. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not throwing a massive party for my hair anniversary that would be kind of excess for me ,although if you want to I’d say go for it! Instead I’m taking May as a chance for reflection as well as setting goals for the next year.


This past year I haven’t really done anything too drastic with my hair. I have been mostly focused on growth, getting and sticking to a healthy regime. I thought it was important to really learn how to look after my hair and gain growth. I have really learnt so much about how to care for my hair. I learnt how to cut down wash and style time. I’ve learnt how to check the ingredients in products and how to make my own. I’ve learnt how to rock styles that I felt uncomfortable with. I’ve learnt that you can fake it till I make it. I’ve learnt that I do actually look good with natural hair.

In terms of styles, the last year I have really improved my ability to long-term protective style. I have done Marley twists, box braids, Ghana braids, crochet braids. I had one wig made and I made one for myself. I have tried lots of protective styles this past year, call me the protective style queen. During  my transition I had learnt how to braid but this past year I have really improved my braiding skills.

If you’ve read my cutting my hair post you’ll know that I did not trim my hair enough. A part of reflecting on the past year for my hair anniversary I’m also looking at the mistakes I’ve made. So that is definitely something I plan to learn from and try to improve. I’ll discuss this further in my plan for the next year.



For my hair anniversary, I’ve decided my goals for next year are to keep up with my healthy hair regime. Keep up with my deep conditioning and co-washes.  A new goal for next year is to trim regularly. Either every 3 months or if I notice damage.

I would also like to be a bit more adventurous with my hair and try a rinse in colour of red or purple. I’ve done those colours before so it probably wouldn’t be such a big leap. But when I go to Poland in the summer I want to dye my hair honey brown. I know, I know it’s cliché. So many naturals have their hair that colour. But it just looks so good! You know it, I know it. So why pretend.

Speaking of Poland another goal for me is to not wear a long-term protective style when I go to Poland. So I’m going to Poland for two weeks and usually whenever I go abroad I put my hair in braids or twists. But for this trip I’m going to try to wear my hair without a long-term protective style. A few people have asked me how to look after their hair abroad; and although I have the theory of what they should do I haven’t personally done it. Not one to give out advice if I don’t have personal experience of it. I decided that’s the next thing on my list.

Finally this next hair year, I would like to really try out lots of different curly styles on my hair. I rocked the long-term protective styles, and the short-term ones. I am a pro at updos and braided styles. But now I want to try flexi  rods, curl rods, twist and curl, braid and curl… and maybe I’ll even master the ever allusive wash and go.

So looking back at posts this month, I’ve relived some of my hair journey. I’ve looked at my transition and different hairstyles I’ve done. I also shared my big chop experience which a big step in my journey. In order to celebrate my hair anniversary I did splurge a little and treated my hair to different products, which I can review if you guys want.

I really can’t believe how far I’ve come in this journey and I can’t wait to see what is in store for me next.

My hair anniversary

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Remember Love your hair, Love yourself.x


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