Laying your edges

Laying your edges

Laying your edges

This is somewhat a controversial issue for me. Laying your edges?To be honest with you, I’ve been sitting on the fence about this. On one side i think that it can look so good! On the other hand, the implications behind it? I don’t know to be honest guys! For me, it just seems to be sending the wrong message. Let me explain.

You know those times when your trying to stretch your box braids or your Marley twists but you’ve got a fuzz halo over your head. To neaten that up, laying your edges can be a miracle worker. All of a sudden your hair is just look super fresh and your out walking with an extra bounce in your step. People are stopping you in the street complimenting you and you literally feel that you’re killing it. I know that’s happened to you guys so don’t come and look at me like i got a big head. Some days your hair is just popping. I get that i do! Honestly, no one understands that better then me.


What does laying your edges actually represent?

Lets look at our hair, it’s kinky, coily and curly depending on the individual. Not many of us naturally have those ‘baby hairs’ which is what the look is trying to emulate. We don’t have the type of texture which lies flat? Our hair does not lie down. It stands up! I personally feel like laying your edges is trying to make your hair do something that it’s not meant to. Why do we believe that those flat baby hairs are more attractive than our curls which stick up? Of course, its a fun style and i’m not saying never lay your edges. But all too many times I’ve been told ‘girl, you need to lay your edges’. I don’t need to do anything! My problem is when it becomes a requirement for our hair to look good. And we’ve all been there! ┬áMe too! I fall into this trap many many times. This is the question which i have to ask when confronted with the question should i lay my edges?

laying your edges

Ultimately, it’s up to you! It’s your hair and you have to do what you’re happy and comfortable with. But i still feel like it’s important to ask these questions and spark up debate. What do you think? Am i reading too much into it?

How to lay your edges

Laying your edges is actually pretty straight forward to achieve. All you need is gel, comb, bristle brush and/or toothbrush (not the one you use to brush your teeth, come on guys be serious!)

  1. First you create your desired hairstyle. Lets say for example we’re creating a high bun.
  2. Grab your gel. For me, i would use Eco Styler gel Maximum hold. (This hair needs max strength)
  3. If you are using gel to smooth your bun, i would recommend using a lot. Make sure you smooth it so it looks uniform.
  4. Now the actual edges. They should be smoothed back but some people like to create cute swirls. This is wear the tooth brush comes in.
  5. Silk scarf. You’ve got to set the gel. The longer you leave your scarf on the firmer the hair will be. If your laying your edges i recommend doing your hair before your make up.
  6. Take your scarf off after min 10 mins and voila your edges are laid

Laying your edges

Using this process your edged should stay laid for a few days. But remember the longer you leave it, the more tack and residue is noticeable. So make sure you wash the gel out. Also be careful about over doing it with the gel, we want you to still have edges!

But have fun with it. I’m always saying the great thing about being natural is that you get to be versatile and switch it up.

Remember Love your hair, Love yourself.x

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