holiday hair care

Holiday Hair Care

Holiday hair care

I know, I know I have not posted anything new in weeks. I’m sorry, but my summer has just been rather hectic. If you’ve followed my instagram you’d know I’ve been all over Europe: Netherlands, Berlin in Germany, Poland and Budapest in Hungary. All of this movement has not given me much time to post but it has given me invaluable knowledge on holiday hair care.

Take a break

OK, so you’re on holiday! It is not the time to be trying new elaborate hairstyles. As much as I love being adventurous and trying new things, it’s just not feasible. Holiday is the time to stick to the hair care practices that you know. You’re meant to be resting, taking a break from regular life and just having a good time. You do not want to be spending hours on your holiday doing your hair, that is a waste of your time and money. I think a part of holiday hair care, is also about making sure you continue to have a good relationship with your hair. Sometimes, you just need a break from each other.


Protective styling on holiday

I know I always rave about protective styling but it is actually a life saver while your on holiday. Your saving yourself time, effort while still looking good. You can either do protective styles with additional hair or you can do it on your own. I personally have done both. This is also great for swimming abroad, or being outside in the sun. Protecting your tresses from the great outdoors is an important aspect of holiday hair care.

holiday hair care


Moisturising on holiday

A must, must, must! This is an important aspect of holiday hair care. But, if you are abroad, how can you do this without bringing a whole shop of products with you? The answer is simple, bring the entire shop with you! I’m joking!…kind of. If you do bring the whole shop with you I honestly would not judge you because that is what I did when I went to Budapest. To be honest, it depends on you and your situation. Where are you going? For how long? what style will you rocking for the majority of the trip?

holiday hair care

Now if you have your hair in braids, twists, crochet braids etc it is still important to moisturise your hair but it is a much simpler feat. If you are able, a spray bottle is a must. Water is our number one friend when it comes to moisturising. The water hydrates our hair strands which we then seal in using oils and butters. If this is not possible and you are only bringing hand luggage with you, a small travel sized bottle of leave in conditioner will also be useful.  If you are heavy-handed with your product, maybe forgo some of your other toiletries/ make up and bring a few bottles. a travel sized bottle of hair oil would also be useful.

If you decided that you wanted to wear your hair out for your holiday, moisturising your hair requires more work. You will need more product to make sure your hair is well moisturised, especially if it is a hot country. If you’re wearing your hair out in fro’s, puff’s, twist outs, braid outs etc, you will need to make sure your hair is moisturised daily as the sun will dry out your hair. If you can bring as much products as you need, I would recommend follow the LOC method. Use your spray bottle to hydrate the hair, oil to seal it and cream to style it.


Washing on holiday

Whether, you wash your hair on holiday or not really depends on whether how long your staying abroad. The whole point of holiday hair care is to ensure your still looking after your hair even while you enjoy a new place. My mum always suggests washing hair abroad because she says the water is not as hard as it is in London. If you’re someone who loves washing your hair abroad, stick to your regular routine. Make sure your deep condition (even if you don’t have a steamer and you sit with a towel on your head for half an hour) it is worth it for your hair to get some TLC.

holiday hair care

If you are swimming regularly on your holiday I would not recommend you shampoo your hair every time you swim. You’ll just drying out your hair. I know you want to make sure your hair is chlorine or salt free. But the best thing is to limit the amount of salt of chlorine that gets in your hair before you even get int he pool or sea. Wet your hair and then add your conditioner (and oil if your wish) before you jump in. This means your hair is already full and makes it difficult for it to soak up anything else. After your swim, remember to co-wash and moisturise. Avoid over-use of heat styling tools.


Styling on holiday

I know above, I praised protective styling, but to be honest this is your holiday. However you want to rock your hair, you do it. Just remember the more elaborate your hairstyle, the more time you spend on it. But at the same time its worth it for those amazing pictures and the looks you achieve. Just make sure you bring all of the equipment you need, you don’t want to be three-quarters into prepping a style and realise you ran out of hair clips.
holiday hair care

So, it is the new academic year and I’ll be starting my initial teacher training. I’m so excited but it also means that I may not be able to post weekly. I will try to keep it up, but please be patient with me as I learn and develop as a teacher. Regardless, keep up with your hair care, keep trying new styles and…


Remember Love your hair, Love yourself.x

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