My Hair Anniversary

My hair anniversary, that’s right I said it! Celebrating both my decision to go natural and the day I finally became natural. My only issue; I don’t actually know the exact date these things happened. So in my usual style I decided I’d celebrate the entire month of May.

hair growth challenge

Hair Growth Challenge

Hair growth challenge One of my new years resolutions was to go on a hair growth challenge. I had never done one before but after being inspired by a natural on You-Tube, I thought why not?


Natural Hair Typing

Hair Typing. OK, so I have to put my hands up and apologise to you guys. I’ve realised that on my about me page I have used a certain system to explain what my hair looks like but I haven’t clued you in to what it actually means. The first thing that I did when I went […]


Going natural, support

When we discuss going natural, it is always from the vantage point of the individual. What can You do to gain confidence? What can You do to retain moisture? What can You do…? But we’re not islands. We’re not isolated from others. As people we interact with others every day and like it or not […]


Going Natural, Beginning My Journey

Going natural was not a simple decision for me. It was an important, life-changing decision. People asked me “why is it such a big deal? Just stop getting relaxers”. But it was so much bigger than that. For me going natural meant completely changing my idea of what is beautiful. From the age of 9, […]