protective style

Is your protective style a crutch?

Is your protective style a crutch? The temperature has dropped! It’s now time for winter coats, hats scarves and gloves. It’s that time of the year  where we bring out our protective styles in full force. In order to protect our hair from the elements and just for ease during the colder months, protective styling […]

holiday hair care

Holiday Hair Care

Holiday hair care I know, I know I have not posted anything new in weeks. I’m sorry, but my summer has just been rather hectic. If you’ve followed my instagram you’d know I’ve been all over Europe: Netherlands, Berlin in Germany, Poland and Budapest in Hungary. All of this movement has not given me much time to […]


Swimming with Natural Hair

Swimming with natural hair Summer is here, holiday booked. Summer clothes…packed, sun glasses…on my head, reading book….ready to thrill. But wait! What to do with my hair? How should I look after it on holiday when I’m swimming in pools and the sea?

Summer hair care

Summer Hair Care

Summer is here! Well the British version of it for me anyway! This is the time to shave your legs, pull out your sandals and grab a light-weight cardi (just in case in typical british manner, it rains!) But, just as we make changes for the weather in terms of our clothes and what we wear, […]



Porosity testing was not something I previously considered doing. I’m not going to lie I was being lazy. But, after my hair anniversary I decided I was going to have to step up my game if I wanted to retain length. The first thing I did was do the test.

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Shea butter mix- Making your own

Shea Butter. This seemed to me some sort of magical Elixir that everyone kept talking about. I heard it was so amazing, that once you try Shea butter  – well you can’t ever go back. So, when I popped into my local hair shop to buy a new leave in conditioner and I saw a […]


Protective Styling – Pros And Cons

Protective styling is every natural’s secret weapon. I know I mentioned it briefly in my winter hair care post but I figured we should go into the ins and outs of protective styling. Protective styling is when you wear your hair in a low/ no manipulation style for a long period of time. It’s a […]


Natural Hair Typing

Hair Typing. OK, so I have to put my hands up and apologise to you guys. I’ve realised that on my about me page I have used a certain system to explain what my hair looks like but I haven’t clued you in to what it actually means. The first thing that I did when I went […]

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Winter hair care

Winter hair care This sudden drop in temperature has made me realise it’s actually winter. I have been layering; wearing my scarf, hat and gloves. During these colder months it’s also important to remember to protect your hair from the elements too. Winter hair care is important for me, otherwise I find that during the […]