About me and my natural hair

wp-1452390721664.jpgHi, I’m Nicole. I’m 21, natural and i’m an aspiring history teacher.

For me, there is nothing I enjoy more than curling up with a cup of tea and a snack while reading a good novel. If not, I’m on YouTube watching my favourite vloggers, natural hair or beauty personalities.

If I’m venturing outside other than to rush to and from work, I’m usually at my favourite hair shop, at cheer leading practice or at church.

My last relaxer was May 2014 and after a year of  transitioning I big chopped May 2015. My natural hair is currently in between shoulder and Collerbone length. My curl pattern varies; the middle is 4c, the back is 4b ish and the front is a confusion. In terms of porosity and density I have no clue! The test confused me so I decided I didn’t need to know. My natural hair soaks up water like a sponge. Shrinkage is my hair’s best friend.

I have so much to say about being natural,  once you get me started I don’t stop. Whether you’ve been natural for ages, transitioning or your considering taking the plunge; I hope I have something to say that inspires you as well as share my tips, tricks and best natural hair practices. Even if you’ve never considered going natural and you’re just curious I hope to impart some of my own natural hair knowledge.

I have been natural for a year and half. Becoming natural and staying natural has been a difficult journey for me.  I want to share my natural hair journey, the highs, lows and everything in between.

Remember love your hair, love yourself.x