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Shea butter mix- Making your own

Shea Butter. This seemed to me some sort of magical Elixir that everyone kept talking about. I heard it was so amazing, that once you try Shea butter  – well you can’t ever go back. So, when I popped into my local hair shop to buy a new leave in conditioner and I saw a […]


Protective Styling – Pros And Cons

Protective styling is every natural’s secret weapon. I know I mentioned it briefly in my winter hair care post but I figured we should go into the ins and outs of protective styling. Protective styling is when you wear your hair in a low/ no manipulation style for a long period of time. It’s a […]


Natural Hair Typing

Hair Typing. OK, so I have to put my hands up and apologise to you guys. I’ve realised that on my about me page I have used a certain system to explain what my hair looks like but I haven’t clued you in to what it actually means. The first thing that I did when I went […]