Natural and Professional

Are you natural and professional? Can you still look professional with natural hair? My answer is yes of course you can. Being professional has nothing to do with the texture of your hair. In a professional environment, we must look smart and presentable this is true however, there is no correlation between hair texture and professionalism. […]

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Winter hair care

Winter hair care This sudden drop in temperature has made me realise it’s actually winter. I have been layering; wearing my scarf, hat and gloves. During these colder months it’s also important to remember to protect your hair from the elements too. Winter hair care is important for me, otherwise I find that during the […]


Going Natural, Beginning My Journey

Going natural was not a simple decision for me. It was an important, life-changing decision. People asked me “why is it such a big deal? Just stop getting relaxers”. But it was so much bigger than that. For me going natural meant completely changing my idea of what is beautiful. From the age of 9, […]